Micro-Sport® Microcurrent

FSM Device for Advanced Healing

TruWell Physical Therapy strives to bring you the most advanced healing options. HoweRT® Micro-Sport® Units are industry leading Grade 2 Medical Devices for pain and healing. Micro-Sport® devices are easy to use, state of the art e-stim devices that come pre-programmed for typical injuries or physical pain. The comprehensive, highly effective programs are incredibly simple to use.

HoweRT® Micro-Sport® Programming is Different

HoweRT®’s complex programming was developed over many years and tens of thousands of treatments by Vanessa Howe PT, a national instructor in Resonance based technologies. Today Micro-Sport® is used all over the country, from your favorite NFL team’s locker room to your grandparent’s living room. No matter your goal, the HoweRT® Micro-Sport® can help you to Be The Best You! Schedule your appointment today to heal like the pros with HoweRT® at TruWell Physical Therapy.

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Take the Healing home! The HoweRT® Micro-Sport® is available for purchase through our clinic

Micro-Sport® Home: Perfect for at home pain, injury, and wellness treatment.

Micro-Sport® Pro: Great for athletes of all ages and skill levels. Provides injury and pain support for both small or complex conditions! Additional Pro athlete sport specific options are available.

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