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TruWell Physical Therapy is a physical therapy clinic that provides personalized care from the most qualified therapists. Our treatments have helped many patients get back on their feet and resume their lives again.

Quality care for all your needs

We are committed to providing quality, personalized physical therapy with every session that is tailored to meet your needs, whether you're recovering from an injury or a chronic condition.

Team of professionals

Our team of dedicated and experienced professionals work with you and your therapist to create a personalized plan that will help you reach your goals faster.

TruWell Physical Therapy is a leading rehabilitation center in the United States. We've helped thousands of patients recover from a wide range of physical ailments.

Improving quality of life

Whether you're looking to get back on your feet after an injury, or hoping to bring relief to chronic pain, we are here to help.

Superior service and care

We offer a personalized plan for each patient, with the goal of not only returning them to their prior level of activity but enhancing their quality of life and independence.

Proudly serving all ages

We understand that recovery is a process - and no matter what your age, you deserve the best care possible. That's why we offer a range of rehabilitation services for seniors and athletes alike.

TruWell Physical Therapy specializes in natural healing and wellness

Our therapists are highly trained with years of experience in various therapeutic approaches. We understand how difficult it can be to find time for treatment, so we provide flexible scheduling options.

There are several benefits to working with an independent physical therapist, including:  
  1. Personalized attention: Independent physical therapists typically have smaller practices, which allows them to provide more personalized attention to their patients. They are able to take the time to understand their patients' unique needs and tailor treatment plans accordingly.
  2. Flexibility: Independent physical therapists may have more flexibility in terms of scheduling and availability, making it easier for patients to find an appointment that fits their schedule.
  3. Direct communication: With an independent physical therapist, there is often a direct line of communication between the therapist and patient. This can help to ensure that patients have access to the information they need and that any concerns or questions are addressed in a timely manner.
  4. Focus on patient-centered care: Independent physical therapists often have more control over the direction of the treatment and can put more focus on patient-centered care. They are able to tailor the treatment to the patient's specific needs, goals, and preferences
  5. Cost-effective: Independent physical therapist may offer more cost-effective services than those who work in a large hospital or physical therapy clinic, as they do not have the same overhead costs.
  6. Continuity of care: Independent physical therapists often establish long-term relationships with their patients, which can help to ensure continuity of care over time. They are able to track the progress of the patient and make adjustments to the treatment plan as needed.
It's important to note that some insurance plans may have limitations on reimbursement for services provided by independent physical therapists. It is important to check with your insurance provider prior to seeking treatment.

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